Equipping men to Live with peace, Power & Precision in their personal & Professional lives through purpose coaching, personal connection, & Accountability.
ATTENTION: Learn how to use your past failures and pains to produce a life of PURPOSE!
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Creating a personal & Professional Life of Peace, power & Precision!
Enter a "No Judgement Zone" & Become a Part of A Team of Men Focused on Succeeding Together!
Achieve a Personal & Professional life of Peace, Power & Precision by teaming up with  "Purpose Under Pressure" today!!!
Purpose Point #1
Achieve a 
Lifestyle of Peace, Power & Precision!
  • ​Overcome past & present pain!
  • ​Make better decisions more consistently! 
  • ​Learn tools & techniques that will align your goals with daily actions to exponentially increase productivity!
Purpose Point #2 
Lead your personal & business life with intention & integrity!
  • ​Lead a family filled with joy, adventure and peace! 
  • ​Learn how to communicate like a leader and as a result grow a more profitable career or business! 
  • ​Learn our 4 "Purpose Under Pressure Principles" and re-wire your brain for consistently more productive behavior!
Purpose Point #3
Overcome your challenges & maximize potential!
  • ​Learn how to create your "Purpose Statement" so your life is guided by your highest values! 
  • Learn techniques that will ​Increase your emotional intelligence & positive impact on those you serve with your leadership!
  • ​Live your life with more confidence, commitment, focus & adaptability!!!
Purpose Under Pressure will raise your leadership lid, help you reduce conflict in your personal & professional life and as a result, help you retain the trust, love & support of those you serve with your leadership.
Purpose Coach and Communicator
Pastor Yannik McKie
Both Yannik's Mother & Father passed from AIDS before he turned 16. Experiencing such extraordinary pain, at such a young age, sent him spiraling into sexual promiscuity, depression, drug & alcohol abuse and dangerous criminal activity.  By grace, and the application of what we call “Purpose Under Pressure Principles” over time, Yannik realized that the pain and pressure he was feeling did not have to prevent his purpose. Yannik is now an Author, Church Planter & the Founder & Executive Director of an at-risk youth 501 (c) 3 called the McKie Foundation.
Organizational Human Performance Coach
Dr. Mike Perry
Mike has been trusted to lead people all over the world and in his community. A successful military career, doctoral degree, and thriving business tell only part of the story. Mike would say that he had a great upbringing in middle class neighborhood with two-parents, sisters, and extended family that loved him. He would also tell you that there were many secret and public struggles over the years—abuse, fear, alcoholism, insecurity, failure, trauma, infidelity—countless opportunities to fail. Despite each opportunity to fail, Mike discovered that all of the PRESSURE would equip him to live out his PURPOSE. As the co-founder of Catalyst Human Performance Experts, he helps leaders to do the same.
Process Development & Improvement Coach 
Michael Newton 
Don’t let the smile, bow tie, and suit, fool you! Michael has experienced the deepest challenges of pain including:  
family brokenness, unexpected tragedy, selfish decisions, and unforeseen health issues. He learned to push the pain down with politeness and shark-like performance.  Working to achieve the American Dream, his agenda was closing the sale at any cost.  He almost destroyed his dreams of a great family and friends. Mentoring by a team of committed men empowers him to grow as a Purpose-focused husband, father, brother, son, and friend.  Coaching also equips him as a Chief of Staff to leading business owners, a Priorities Coach to Men in Leadership, and 
Co-founder of Maximize Purpose.
Partner with us & live a life of PEACE, power & precision!!!
Purpose under Pressure exists to equip & empower men to lead their family, grow their career & business, overcome pains of the past so they are able to live with peace, power & precision...which is our PURPOSE!

Are You Serious About Living a Life or Peace, Power & Precision?
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